Hints for Successful Boarding

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us with your pet. We work very hard to provide individualized care for each of our visitors. Many people have a negative feeling about taking their pet to a kennel, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With your help, your pet can learn to really enjoy staying with us.

We work very hard to provide your pet with a positive boarding experience. We enjoy what we do and we want all of our boarders to be happy campers!

See the sections below for:

  1. Before Boarding
  2. When You Arrive
  3. After Boarding

Before Boarding

Start - Reservation

Start by thinking that a trip to the kennel is like sending a child to camp. Your feelings about this situation can definitely affect your pet.

Make a reservation ahead of time, when possible, so we can serve you better. Remember we are filled to capacity many times during the year and we would hate to have to turn you away. In the event of an emergency we will be more than happy to work with you in any way we can. 

Ask Questions

Ask questions if you have them, we want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us. 

Pet Personal Items

Pack your pet’s personal items like his/her bed, toys, etc., plus any medication they might need. We feed Purina products, but if your pet has a sensitive stomach or is on a special diet you may want to bring their own food. 


Be sure your pet’s vaccinations are current, including protection against kennel cough for dogs, and FIP for cats. 

If Pet is Upset

If your pet becomes upset when you begin to pack you may want to try bringing him/her to the kennel ahead of time. Tell your pet “its time to go to camp” each time you come and they will begin to understand the situation. 

Don't Feel Sorry

Do not feel sorry for your pet and stop by Wards, for example, for a chili cheese burger. This may make you feel better but your pet will associate the kennel with having an upset stomach.

When You Arrive

Your attitude can make a big difference in how your pet reacts to being boarded. If you are upset your pet will feel unsure, a positive attitude will make your pet more comfortable.

Escort your pet to his/her “spot” and quickly arrange their “stuff”. Some pets may even do better if you simply say good bye and hand them to us.

Say a quick “Good Bye”. You may want to tell your pet the same thing you say when you leave him/her at home - “I’ll be back” or  “See you soon”. Long tearful good byes will only confuse and upset your pet.

Try not to let all the barking dogs concern you, they are actually very quiet most of the time. Even the quietest, most sensitive pet will get used to the occasional periods of excitement during the day.

Leave us any final instructions and please make us aware of any problems we should know about.

Let us know how to reach you, or leave us the number of someone who could track you down in the unlikely event of an emergency.

After Boarding

All animals react differently to being boarded, but most do quite well. Remember that your pet’s routine has changed and for most pets the kennel is much more stimulating and exciting than home life.


Don’t be surprised if your pet acts tired, like kids at camp they play hard and entertain each other. Don’t assume your pet is upset and didn’t sleep.

Eats Faster?

Don’t be surprised if your pet eats faster than usual. In a kennel situation even picky eaters may eat thinking their neighbor might somehow get their food. If eating is a problem we will let you know about it.

Weight Loss?

Weight loss may be a problem, especially for young very active dogs. Again, they are usually more stimulated than at home. We try to watch this closely and increase food as needed, but please let us know if this is a problem for your pet.


We try very hard to keep our kennel and our boarders clean, but some pets just seem to be destined for the Tide commercial. We do offer bathing and try not to send pets home dirty. Pets arriving with fleas or ticks will be treated immediately at the owner’s expense.

Don't Hesitate to Call!

Please don’t hesitate to call us after boarding if you have any concerns. We can’t fix a problem if we don’t know about it.