Common Questions

Okatoma Kennel is a family business dedicated to providing quality individualized care to your special friend. We work very hard to see that each of our visitors enjoy staying with us. We are members of the American Boarding Kennel Association and are also active in the community with dog obedience classes, and pet therapy at local nursing homes. We hope the following information will answer your questions about us, if not please feel free to ask.

  1. Where Will My Pet Stay?
  2. Who Will Care for My Pet?
  3. How Much Exercise Will My Pet Get?
  4. What Will My Pet Eat?
  5. My Pet Has Special Needs
  6. What if My Pet Gets Sick?
  7. Will My Pet Get Fleas?
  8. When Can I Drop Off and Pick Up My Pet?

Where Will My Pet Stay?

Our facility is designed for the comfort of the animals. It is heated and air-conditioned and we try to house pets by size and activity level. We have a variety of accommodations ranging from large indoor/outdoor runs to our special care all indoor areas. Country music is played throughout the kennel and we try to put each pet where he/she feels most comfortable. We have a totally separate facility for cats as well as a separate building just for small dogs. If your pets would like to stay together it is fine with us. Owners are encouraged to bring beds and other items to make their pets feel more at home. Each area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between boarders.

Who Will Care for My Pet?

We feel one big benefit of our kennel is that all of the animal care is done by, or closely supervised by, the kennel owners Trish and Rae Lambert. This means your pets get to know and trust us and we get to know your pet. We want your pet to feel at home in our kennel.

How Much Exercise Will My Pet Get?

The kennel is very exciting for most pets, so many of them get a lot more exercise than they normally do at home. Dogs in indoor/outdoor runs are free to come and go except during times of extreme heat or cold. All dogs are let out individually into one of our grass exercise yards four times per day, to romp and relieve themselves. Puppies and senior citizens are walked more often if needed. Cats also receive daily “cuddle time”. After the bedtime walk all pets are given a bedtime snack, a dog biscuit or kitty treat, and lights are turned out.

What Will My Pet Eat?

We feed Purina products (Dog Chow, Small Bites, or Cat Chow) and we keep a variety of canned foods on hand for mixing if needed. If your pet is a picky eater or is on a special diet, we encourage you to bring your own food. We try to maintain the feeding schedule your pet is accustomed to at home.

My Pet Has Special Needs

What sets us apart from many other boarding facilities is that we are more than willing to give your pet special care when needed. We are happy to administer medication, extra exercise, and tend to other special needs.

What if My Pet Gets Sick?

On the rare occasion that a pet becomes ill while staying with us, we do not hesitate to call your personal veterinarian for guidance. All of the local veterinarians know us and will work with us. We do require boarders to be current with all vaccinations, including kennel cough for dogs and FIP and Feline Leukemia for cats. We will have you complete a form with the dates shots were administered, or you can request your veterinarian FAX (601-582-4101) a copy of the shot record to us. Please be sure to let us know about any special problems we should watch for.

Will My Pet Get Fleas?

We do our very best to keep our kennel clean and flea free. Pets will be checked for fleas and ticks upon arrival, and treated if necessary at pet owner’s expense.

When Can I Drop Off and Pick Up My Pet?

Because we live here and give 24 hour care it is sometimes difficult for people to understand why they can’t come and go at any time. Please remember that we have a kennel full of boarders that need our attention and we must have uninterrupted time to exercise animals, feed, bathe, etc. We also feel it is important for pets to have a quiet time in the middle of the day, especially during hot summer months. If you need to come at times other than our posted hours, please arrange for an appointment. In addition to providing quality care for your pet, we need our personal family time as well. Kennel hours are posted on our General Info page.