Dog Boarding


 Our dog boarders are welcomed to one of three facilities specifically designed for their needs. “K-9 Camp” features special facilities for small and large dogs, indoor/outdoor runs, large grass exercise yards, air conditioning/heating, daily attention and TLC! 

Designed for Comfort

 Our facility is designed for the comfort of the animals. It is heated and air-conditioned and we try to house pets by size and activity level. We have a variety of accommodations ranging from large indoor/outdoor runs to our special care all indoor areas. Country music is played throughout the kennel and we try to put each pet where he/she feels most comfortable. If your pets would like to stay together it is fine with us. Owners are encouraged to bring beds and other items to make their pets feel more at home. Each area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between boarders. 


 Families are welcome to board together!